Uncommon Knowledge is a community-based educational platform that provides knowledge resources on commons and democratic organising.

About us

Based on several years of research, we have developed a toolbox of open-access educational resources that respond to the needs of grassroots and community organizations. This is the ‘uncommon knowledge’, synthesized into four educational themes: relational power, sustainable economy, evaluation criteria, and daily practices.

Each module outlined on this website responds to one of the four themes. Together, these modules support organizations seeking to implement democratic models of society in support of social and environmental challenges and who aspire to use/are using principles of “commoning” or “commons” decision making. It is not, however, our goal to dictate best practices. We instead provide resources and design tools for collaborating and co-designing community governance practices that can build resilient communities and strengthen local institutions working on society’s grand challenges.

This project is being led by the Loughborough University London team, Dr Anaïs Carlton-Parada, Dr Ksenija Kuzmina, Mark Deane, and Dr Sharon Prendeville, and collaborators at Public Works and Outlandish.